Samsung Gear VR launch

gearvrSamsung are one of the electronics heavyweights so it was no surprise to see them get further involved in the development of virtual reality gadgetry … and they’ve come up with the new version of the GEAR VR. The Gear VR actually launch in India this week (alongside its Gear S2 smartwatches). Thankfully Samsung decided to partner with one of the most famous of VR tech – Oculus.

So it looks smart – tell us a bit more … well the first thing (and probably the most obvious) thing you should know is that it works perfectly with Samsung Galaxy smartphones (including the Note and Edge 5). These phones have fantastic visuals so expect superb visual imagery. Unlike its predecessor the new Gear VR is around 19% lighter so it’s more comfortable to wear. It is has padding in all the right places to no friction marks for you. The adjustable straps also ensures that it stays put whilst you’re ‘flying through space’.

Other features of the headset include a touchpad with embossed marker for quick orientation. There are also volume and focus adjustment wheel buttons so you can achieve a perfect picture. In order to create the feeling of true VR there are sensors including proximity, gyro and accelerometers, it also supports 360-degree videos.
Samsung’s Director of Product Marketing says “Samsung will be at the forefront of this exciting revolution to create further wow moments in our consumers’ lives,” … and we hope they put this into practice and come out with more VR and AR tech.

You can read more about Samsung’s Gear VR launch.

Currently you can buy the Gear VR for 8,200 rupees (circa £85)