Satellite AR review

“I swear I saw something bright in the sky!”,
“Sure you did pal”,
“No, I did. Gotta be a UFO”
“Lay off the booze mate”

A typical conversation from the deep south. Now thanks to the clever guys at Analytical Graphics you can now prove what the lights are in the nights sky. There are an abundance of satellites zooming round Earth documenting everything from meteor paths and our planets temperature to taking pictures of deep space or sending information on spy positions. In fact there are over 2,000 satellites (mostly Russian) – so how do you keep tabs on them? Well now you can with the use of the Satellite Augmented Reality App.

satellite arThe Satellite app has been created to give you the most in-depth and user friendly experience of the sky at night. All you need to do it point your smart phone at the sky and watch the various icons show up. First thing to note is that ideally you should be in a location that has minimal light pollution but also a decent internet signal (the app must transmit its latitude and longitude for accurate readings). When it picks up a satellite a dot will appear followed by a line projecting its path. If the dots are yellow they are flying in sunlight, if they are blue then that means they are in the shadow of the Earth. There will also be an abundance of white dots which Satellite AR uses to show over 2,000 of the galaxies stars.

Overall Satellite AR is an interesting app showing the potential of what can be done with this technology. Its a must-have for anyone interested in astronomy and satellite/robotics.


4 star ratingGoogle play




If interested there are a bunch of other satellite and ‘Sky at Night’ AR apps available on iTunes.
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