Shoot VR movies on YouTube

youtube vrTech giants YouTube have just announced that they have been working closely with the Google’s Daydream team (the VR headset) to bring to life a new movie format specifically for Virtual Reality … VR180.

The idea behind this creation is to make it easier for developers and producers to make more high quality VR content (especially for your mobile device).

So what’s different with VR180? Well firstly this format will enable live streaming of content which is becoming very popular these days thanks to Periscope and FaceBook live. Secondly it will make it much easier for any amateur using their normal camera to create VR content.

In fact even if you don’t own a shootable camera there’s word that the Daydream guys are creating camera’s from the ground-up, purposefully built in order to shoot VR movies! 

VR Creator Lab

On top of this YouTube just announced a new business ‘VR Creator Lab’ located in LA, where both brands and creators will learn about making highly engaging and immersive VR movies. To get involved movies creators need to have at least two 360 degree movies and a minimum of ten thousand subscribers to their YouTube channel. Its believed that the likes of Discovery Travel and Major League Baseball have already signed up. 

Its great to see the leading video content platform get so heavily involved in virtual reality, another sign that VR isn’t a fad and is in fact becoming a lot more mass market than expected.