Sisters VR review

Along with virtual reality we’ve also been massive fans of the horror genre. So it’s no surprise that we got round to reviewing Sisters – one of the first (and probably creepiest) VR apps out there. Built by the Otherworld Interactive team in 2015 it’s a must-try.



Firstly, it’s important to don your headset in a quiet and dark room … ideally one located in a haunted house! Basically the game works on the shock element and we don’t want to spoil it but get ready to let out a little scream. The app is a full 360 immersive experience and we recommend wearing headphones to hear all the creepy sounds. At the beginning you find yourself in a creepy room surrounded by a fireplace, a tv with a lot of static and an odd covered ‘thing’ behind you … you then let the magic happen. How long can you last before becoming too unnerved by the atmosphere Sisters builds up? Sure it’s a bit short but the best thing is it’s another entirely free app.

4 star rating



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