Skydive 360 – review

skydiveIf like us, the idea of jumping out a plane for an adrenalin rush is as alien as it can get then SKYDIVE 360 is your obvious choice – as A) its free B) its fun C) very little chance of death. Thanks to the guys at Gravityjack you can now experience the free falling pleasure that actual sky divers feel. You’ll need a headset such as Google Cardboard or any other VR headset. Simply run the Skydive 360 app on your smartphone, add to the headset and enjoy.

Unfortunately the end product isn’t great. The video is actually quite blurry and not particularly enjoyable. That said its probably what skydiving is all about. We think that another app/ VR video creator will make a better effort for a skydiving experience. However if you’re just interested in having a taste of this adrenaline activity then its worth a download.

Check out the Gravityjack site for more info on Skydive.


2 star rating

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