Smash the battle VR – review

Are you just sick to death of bloody robots. Bloody robots here, bloody robots there … bloody robots everywhere! Well now you can take vengeance in the form of Smash the battle by Studio HG. Its the future (obviously) and unfortunately the huge construction site you’re working on has been hacked so the builder robots have all become killers … enter your character.

smash the battle vrNow the first thing to notice is that Smash the battle is not a fancy-pancy first person virtual reality game but more of a third party VR platformer game with plenty of violence. Although at the start of the game you only have the choice of one character (Sarah O’Connell with her large spanner) you will eventually be able to choose from two strong-willed ladies. Each of whom provides a different ending to the game. Actually the longevity of this game is pretty impressive as there are in fact 30 levels you need to complete.

Action VR game

So lets talk all about the robot bashing. Well you have one main weapon, the spanner, used for power moves. However there are numerous extras/ power-ups such as magnets and mines that can be used to destroy those robots. More over you’ll find crates dotted around the game which when smashed give you coins which can be used at a later date to upgrade your characters performance.

Graphics are bold and Japanesy looking, imagine ‘Devil May Cry’ but set in the future. They certainly fit well with all the sparks and destruction that’s going on around you. Also the camera movement is pretty smooth so you shouldn’t experience any unnecessary motion sickness. On the downside the AI can be a bit too easy which after a few levels is a bit frustrating.

Overall Smash the battle is decent VR game that deserves a play but won’t be heading up any VR game league tables any time soon.

More info on Smash the Battle via the Studio HG site

3 star