SnapShop AR review

Buying furniture (especially larger pieces) for a room can be tricky. Would that couch fit well with the windows, does the coffee table work with the bookcase?? Well help is at hand as the clever bods over at Snapshop inc have created an augmented reality app that can help you visualise what potential furniture purchases would look like in a room – its called SnapShop.

snaphop imageSnapShop works by taking existing furniture items from well-known store catalogues such as IKEA, Pieri, Crate&Barrel and many more and creating the illusion that they are in your current room. All you need to do is simply load the app on a iPhone, choose the piece of furniture you’re looking for from an extensive list (full customisation) and save it as an image, which you can share with friends and family for their feedback. If you love it so much you can buy the furniture then and there via the SnapShop app.

AR technology is fantastic in helping potential customers get a real feel of what a future purchase will look like and SnapShop have certainly created an app that helps.

You can download the app from the App Store or check out the SnapShop site for more info.

3 star

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