Sonar – VR film review

Let’s have a guess at some of your life’s wishes. Well you probably wish you could win the lottery (to buy all the latest VR gear), you probably wish you could time travel (and discover how VR will look like in the future) and you probably wish you could experience what it feels like to float around in a giant asteroid? Well we can’t promise you the first two but the asteroid experience is a definite thanks to the guys from Filmacademy who have created SONAR.

sonar vr filmSONAR, available now for the Gear VR, is a very interesting 360° film taking you inside a creepy asteroid and through a sprawling network of caves. You basically start by flying over the surface of the asteroid before you descend in the cavern in a deliberately slow and methodical pace. Suddenly though things go a little awry when your comms deck starts going into emergency mode. The graphics and imagery are great and atmospheric. As you can expect the inside of an asteroid would be pretty grey but the monochrome colouring helps with the atmosphere and contrasts with your control panel. There’s also an appropriate soundtrack which builds to a crescendo as the film goes on. Now there is a twist at the end, which we won’t spoil here, but believe us when we say it will get your heart pounding.

Stereoscopic virtual reality has certainly kicked off over the past few months with many short films available to view on the Samsung Gear VR. We can only expect this number to increase along with the demand from users. SONAR is free to download from the SONAR 360 site. Check out a sneaky peak of the preview below.

4 star rating