Spaaaace Rustlers – VR review

alien rustlers vrAlien abductions of cows has appeared in numerous gaming iterations over the years so Spaaaace Rustlers From Outer Space isn’t going to win any awards for innovation however it is certainly one of the first to have the action in a virtual reality environment.

The premise is fairly simple in that you’ve got to save your bovine pals from being warped into anther dimension. How do you do that I hear you ask? Well you shoot the cr*p out of the aliens who are doing the abducting. Wave after increasingly harder wave of aliens will arrive on Earth and you’ve got to blast away. Every time you shoot down an alien the poor old cows parachute back to Earth … ready to get abducted again.

The game is pretty fun with some decent quality graphics by developers ‘Dubit’ and we think its certainly worth a download; especially as its free. Spaaaace Rustlers From Outer Space is available for both iTunes and Google Play. You can check out a preview of the game below.

3 star rating

available on google play

available on app store