Sports Illustrated goes virtual

sports illustrated VRFor decades Sport Illustrated has been providing both young and old horny men with some of the most stunning women on the planet. Many of these Sports Illustrated fans relish the ubiquitous ‘Swimsuit’ that comes out on a regular basis. Well the good news is that they have decided to move into the world of virtual reality and have created an app to see the images in all their glory. Sports Illustrated parent company Time Inc. have successfully partnered with Wevr to launch this app to the public.

The app will be compatible with most VR headsets such as Cardboard. Those who don’t already have a headset should look out for the Sports Illustrated special edition that comes with a Cardboard like headset attached to the magazine. The app will provide various VR clips for you to see the women in their bikini’s and swimsuits and there will also be unlockable content which will carry a small charge for access.

Swimsuit girls in all their glory

VR swimsuit editionSo what do you lucky readers have in store? Well the Sports Illustrated app will feature a number of short videos (few minutes a piece) that have various name such as “Day at the Spa”. Models include the likes of Hannah Davis and the unforgettable Nina Agdal. With each video you get the feeling you are having some one-on-one time with these woman and although there aren’t massively erotic they are titillating and bring to life a rather average publication.

Overall the quality of the videos is pretty good and has little distortion. If you want a flavour of the potential of what VR in the adult sector would look like then Sports Illustrated VR app is certainly worth a go. Sports Illustrated intend to release a number of videos for some time as they realise the growth in adult related VR. Download the Sports Illustrated app from App store or Google Play.

4 star rating

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