Stick it in – Hologirls VR

stick it in vrWe all love a good blowjob … .especially when it comes from a hot chick. However have you ever experienced a virtual reality blowjob? If not Hologirls’ latest VR porn movie ‘STICK IT IN‘ is a must watch.

The sexy babe in question is none other than the exquisite Kimber Woods. Part of Hologirls GFE Collection ‘Stick it in’ features Kimber performing all sorts of sexy moves on your cock.

VR blowjob movie

So there you are minding your own business lying on the bed and Kimber comes in desperate cock. Thankfully you have a massive piece of meat to give her.

Ms Woods certainly knows how to get you rock hard by licking and rubbing that dick of yours with her plump lips. Soon you can’t take it, dribbling pre-cum all over the place.

kimber woods vr

However she’s got you right where she wants you and its time to move to more hardcore action. You fuck Kimber in a variety of positions watching her moan and groan and gyrate on your cock … all of which is filmed with a 220 degree VR perspective.

Stick it in may not be the most original VR porn movie we’ve come across but it does feature some hot action.

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4 stars