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strip club vrSo you’ve won the lottery – what you going to do with all your winnings? Buy a strip club of course! Why? Well then you can be the guy who gets to sample the goods and choose what’s right for his club. Dream job!

In ‘STRIP CLUB AUDITION‘ you are presented with a new recruit who is out to impress you in order to get a lucrative job at the club. The girl looking for the job is none other than the sexiest Latino girl on the planet – Selena Santana.

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What can we say about Selena that isn’t obvious from these images. She’s smoking hot with a smoking hot body. If you’ve ever been to a strip club you would have wished for Ms Santana to come along.

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Selena certainly knows how to tease you and seduce you. She twerks her lovely tight ass in your face, looking over her shoulder and giggling. She takes your cock in her mouth and licks and sucks the head – the pre-cum is literally dripping out. She then takes you by the hand and beckons you to lie on the floor. Its not long before Selena’s on top of you and you’re fucking her brains out.

All we can say is WOW. Latino girls are by far some of the sexiest girls on the planet. She’s got the job!! The movies runs for just under half and hour and is filmed with the best quality VR gear.

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4 stars