Sundance VR Film selection

sundance cinemaFor us Brits hearing about the Sundance Film Festival in Utah can seem a million miles away. With its regular feature of quirky and ground breaking films its a shame we we’re so far away from it … well the good news is now we can. This year Sundance’s ‘New Frontier’ (name for films that err on the quirky side) is ten years young and as such has been promoting eleven independent virtual reality films, that you can watch in the comfort of your home via their free smartphone app. You don’t need any fancy equipment to watch the films, just a vr headset such as Google’s Cardboard or one of a range you can buy fairly cheaply on Amazon.

Expect to see some really freaky and awe inspiring 3D films. Examples include ‘Defrost’, a sci-fi flick based on a woman waking up thirty years after a cryogenic treatment. You’ll be experiencing the film from the woman’s perspective which gives a whole new dimension to film watching. ‘In the Eyes of the Animal‘ is another play on the first party filming technique but from the eyes of a owl, frog, mosquito and dragonfly.There is ‘’, a very surreal and psychedelic adventure taking its experiences from the Adventures in Wonderland book. The likes of ‘Giant’ is a powerful piece directed by Milica Zec’s which brings to life an experience in a bomb shelter.

Due to the sometimes low budgets of the films the quality of the VR can at times be a bit sketchy (well the 3D filming equipment does cost a pretty packet) however it does give you a flavour of things to come over the next couple of years. WARNING – you only have until 12th February to watch the collection of films so don’t miss out, check the Sundance website today!

Download the Sundance VR app from the Google Playstore today