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superheroes vrSo ok their superhero costumes aren’t going to win any oscars but lets face it its not the costumes you crave but the bodies underneath. Superheroes Permiere is the latest lesbian VR porn flick by Virtual Real Porn and it takes inspiration from the latest hit film Batman Vs Superman.

This time round we don’t have Bruce Wayne or Clarke Kent but the scintillating Sienna Day and the curvaceous Anna Polina. Watch as they perform their super hero skills out on each other. It all starts with some mild rubbing and licking and then the girls get down and dirty on each other as the dildo makes a welcome appearance. You watch in awe as they ramp up the action for 18 glorious virtual reality minutes.

Superheroine VR porn

superheroes porn

Filmed with a 180 degree perspective and binaural sound this is one ‘super’ sexy x-rated virtual reality film you won’t want to miss.

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3 star