Tactera – review

tactera vrIf you enjoy real time strategy games then you’re in for a treat with the latest release of the virtual reality game – Tactera.

Developed by E McNeill (creator Darknet) Tactera is currently available for the Samsung Gear. It puts you in the generals seat with a holographic display at your command. The premise of the game is simple, to outmanoeuvre the enemy, the execution however is a lot more challenging.

Real time battle field play

There are a number of game modes you can choose from including multi-player, ‘Grand battle strategy’ or ‘Real time combat’. In the Grand Battle Strategy mode you have to deploy your troops (on a turn by turn basis) strategically on the grid based map. The variation in troop type is pretty impressive and you can choose from classic tanks to powerful gunships. If and when you do encounter enemy troops you’ll need you get to choose the combat style ie do you take command or is the action simulated.

In Real Time Combat mode both you and the enemy have an equal number of bases (used to spawn troops) that you’re able to give orders to ie. Attack and take an enemy base. The goal being to eventually take over all the enemies bases so they run out of land and troops – a fast and frantic game mode that will keep most RTS fans amused.

tactera game
As you can see the graphics are pretty decent and battle animation has a nice flow to it. The sound is also in keeping with the games atmosphere.

Although only available for the Gear we hope that Tactera will also be developed for the Rift and Vive as its one of the best virtual reality real time strategy games out there.

Check out more info from the official Tactera site.

4 stars