Think Space – VR white board

think spaceLife isn’t all about games and porn! Yes a large percentage of it is but sometimes you’ve actually got to go to work. Thankfully the guys over at Funly Inc have made working that little bit less stressful with their new VR app – THINK SPACE.

As you can see from the images Think Space places you in relaxing and tranquil environments from where you can work on white boards to your hearts content. Imagine if you will, one minute you are in a noisy, frustrating office trying to come up with new formulas for your hair shampoo, you put on your headset and are immediately taken to your perfect desert island with all the marker pens and white boards you could dream of.

Virtual reality work space

whiteSo how does it work? Well firstly you choose either the desert or tropical island backdrop (we prefer the latter) and then its a case of using the controller to select various options from adjusting your position to the market color you choose.

Writing on the board is fully editable and you even download the contents on whiteboard to SVG image format so you would lose that Eureka moment.

Overall a productive and original virtual reality app that can transform your monotonous daily grind to a tranquil haven.

Recommended set up:  OS: Windows 10 / Processor: Intel i5-4590 / Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti / HTC VIVE

Download Think Space from STEAM

4 stars