Thumper – PSVR review

thumper ps vrThumper is certainly a pleasant surprise. We’ve seen many, many VR games since the beginning of the year but Thumper is certainly one of the most original.

The developers Drool describe their game as “rhythm violence,” and you’ll certainly feel mentally bashed up once you’ve finished a session playing this game. Using traditional elements from horror, sci-fi and music games Thumper will keep you highly entertained from the point you commence your journey to the moment you break up into a million pieces.

A musical horror VR treat

So you ask, what is the basic premise of the game? Well you control a metallic bug as it races at high speed along a track. The environments you whizz through are psychedelic, sinister and creepy. Imagine what it would be like to look into a black hole full of wonder and dread … that’s the picture Thumper is trying to create.

thumper ps vr In order to survive you must tap the X button on the PS VR’s DualShock when the beetle travels over one of the glowing rectangles that covers the track. Red bars should be avoided but can be smashed through (by holding down X) and you navigate frighteningly fast corners by using the analogue stick. You do have a shield, refreshed at checkpoints, that allows you to make one mistake but make two and its game over.

Overall there are nine different worlds you travel through which are split up into several individual sections. Along with timing your button hits, you’ll also have to learn to switch lanes, jump over spikes collect coins … and then there’s the end of level bosses.

A serious amount of imagination and creativity has gone into the creation of these entities (for want of a better word). In order to defeat them you must ensure a correct sequence of hits are carried out on the controller. These ‘bosses’ are certainly weird and menacing enough to create a sense of dread, further exaggerated by the vast sense of scale Thumper achieves.

Graphics are great and the soundtrack creates the perfect atmosphere for the experience. As you’ll see from the Thumper game trailer below the action is fast, frantic and intense and although great to play on a normal PS4 is made even more intense in virtual reality. Lets hope PS VR continues to bring us top games such as Thumper.

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five star rating