Thunderbird VR – review

thunderbird vrThunderbird, developed by Innervision (a father-son team), is one of the most anticipated virtual reality game releases this year. Taking its inspiration from the stoic Myst and ubiquitous Riven game titles Thunderbird is looking like its going to be a visual treat for the eyes and a mind altering challenge for the brain.

Thunderbird will be released for the Playstation VR, Rift and HTC Vive and will be released in an episodic format i.e. a number of episodes will be developed and launched over a period of time; the first one being ‘The Legend Begins’. So what’s Thunderbird all about? Well in essence its a combination of some of the worlds greatest myth stories taken from various cultures and puzzle adventures. You’ll find yourself travelling and exploring worlds whose landscapes contrast from forests to temples on a mountain top. The idea is to interact with environments and watch as the story of Thunderbird unfolds.

Thunderbird VR game play

Thunderbird also uses hand-tracked controllers (as opposed to point and shoot) which helps create and animate the virtual world. The graphics look superb. You’ll immediately tell that care and thought have been put into the design of the environments as the detailing is so polished. Have a look at the game play below and you’ll see how realistic the clouds and sky, you can even check the minute detailing in the rocks. The sound too is also atmospheric and works well within the confines of the VR game. Overall this looks like it will be an epic adventure, pulling the gamer in for a long and ultimately enjoyable odyssey.

Thunderbird – The Legend Begins will be out for release in a few months however you can get a feel on what’s in-store by checking the trailers below or visiting the dedicated site.

4 stars