Time Machine VR – review

time machine vrIt may still be in development but its getting near the end and you can now play the latest version of TIME MACHINE VR – an eagerly anticipated game from the clever chaps at WeAreMinority. We’ve had a look at the game and it is exquisitely well made. The levels of detailing and design are stunning. Shows what a little thought and a lot of design can get you. So what’s Time Machine VR all about we hear you ask.

Well first things first the story has not been completed yet however the essence of it is that you need to save humanity by going back in time and finding a cure for a deadly plague (aren’t they all) that threatens to wipe out humanity. How are you planning to do this – well with a time machine of course. It seems that the secret to finding a cure for the plague is found in the tropical Jurassic seas – so that’s exactly where you’re heading.

Time Machine gameplay

You start the game inside your mission hub in Norway, which is also a complete repository for all the dinosaur information you’ll ever need. The action takes place inside an exploration vehicle, fully kitted out for all your needs. From there you get to travel through the prehistoric seas, exploring, analysing and hunting various Jurassic creatures including mysterious ones such as the dakosaurus or mosasaurus. One of the best bits about Time Machine VR are the amount of tech based mechanisms you can control. For example you can freeze time to carry out dangerous actions, bait creatures to perform certain moves, photograph them for behaviour scans and much much more.

time machine vr graphicThe graphics as mentioned are pretty impressive and that’s thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 which produces realistic and smooth graphics for virtual reality.  The soundtrack is also put together well and adds to the atmosphere.

Requirements: Oculus DK2 or Crescent Bay and a controller i.e. Xbox 360

You can check out the WeAreMinority website for more info on the game.Download Time Machine from STEAM – current price £14.99.

4 star rating