Top Google cardboard apps – January 2016

Cardboard has been out for some time now so we thought it a good idea to have a quick peek at some of the top apps so you can make the most from your cost-efficient VR headset. Although we’ve helped to highlight five great it’s just as easy to look for apps yourself by using Google Play’s intuitive navigation.

Google Cardboard Camera

Making the most of a stunning landscape has got that one step easier thanks to the Cardboard camera. You can now takes shots on your phone and turn them into stereoscopic gems. No more boring travel photos for you as people can get immersed in what it really felt like. Of course if you’re not the travelling kind and like the comfort of your own sofa you can enjoy other people’s photography through the Orbulus app that enables users to see highlights such as the Eiffel tower on your app.

Hang Gliding

Have you ever had a dream where you’re flying through the air and it feels so realistic! Well if you want to recreate that feeling then check out the Hang Gliding app. Its certainly the safer and less risky way to enjoy scenery hundreds of feet in the air.


Cinema for Cardboard

Going to the cinema can be an extremely expensive experience … especially when you throw in all the add-ons! Thanks to VR Cinema you can no watch and enjoy any video you’ve stored on your smart phone on a cinematic screen. It does have a random lens option which isn’t great to be honest but the video option is pretty sweet.

Jurassic Land

Speilberg eat your big old dinosaur heart out- we’ve now got JurassicLand. What is it we hear you ask! Well basically Jurassic Land, once loaded, will enable you to ride through a version of Jurassic Park and spot all your favourite species from the classic three horned triceratops to the big daddy T-rex. A definite must-have for any fan of the dinosaur.

Tuscany Drive

One of Italy’s most spectacular regions is Tuscany. Its surround by rought and ragged terrain but also has beautiful coastlines and of course the famous leaning tower. The Tuscany Dive is an app created by Oculus which enables uses to explore Tuscany and absorb the environment from the comfort of your smartphone. Personally we think you should go there yourself and enjoy Tuscany but if you can’t this is the next best thing.

You can download all the apps mentioned above from the Google playstore.

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