Top VR headsets on Amazon

amazon logoUPDATED: – 18th April 2016

Amazon has always been a fantastic retailer for finding more niche tech offerings. Sometimes its worth going with a niche specialist as opposed to a generic manufacturer … and this is also the case when it comes to virtual reality headsets. Lets face it we can’t all afford the Oculus Rift and its associated gear but over the last year there has been a great influx in the numbers of generic headsets being designed and manufactured for the mass market. Most are similar to each other in quality and build but there are some special ones worth considering and as such TheRealitySandwich team have picked out 5 of their favourite VR headsets currently on sale on Amazon.

So in descending order of rating we’ve got …

Samsung Gear

samsung gear headsetWhen heavy-weight tech giants like Samsung get involved in virtual reality you know they’re going to create something special and that’s exactly what they did with the Samsung Gear. This is certainly the most polished VR headset we’ve seen and it’s no surprise its the number one best seller in the mobile internet devices section. Overall the Gear is very comfortable and comes with two straps and adequate padding so its perfect for lengthy periods of game play. There is a track pad along with volume controls which is used for gaming input. Accuracy of head motion/ tracking is also an important feature in virtual reality and the Gear features both an accurate gyroscope and accelerometer. The only real disadvantage with this headset is that its only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note5, S6 edge+, S6 or S6 edge. That said the high resolution from these smart phones ensures the virtual reality is hyper realistic with fantastic detailing.

Here are some genuine purchaser quotes from Amazon “The display of the S6 edge plus is 2560 x 1440 pixels; this is the highest resolution I have seen available for VR use today. By comparison, the PC version of the Oculus Rift, is only 1920×1080 pixels”, “It is a great product for such an affordable price. The foam padding is very comfortable and the motion sensors are very responsive”.

Buy the Samsung Gear from Amazon – £79

five star rating



destek headsetThe Destek 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset is a great piece of kit suitable for smartphones from 4 – 6 inches long. So what makes the Destek different to other headsets? Firstly it has a hell of a lot of 5 star ratings on Amazon. It looks like its been dragged from the future and you’re sure to turn heads wearing it. However it’s not just looks that makes it special as it’s the only one that uses Fresnel lenses which means less eye strain. Like other headsets there are multiple straps to ensure it sits comfortably on the face. In addition the Destek comes with a Bluetooth remote control which is a nice addition enabling you to have quick access to the phone and its menu.

Here are some quotes from Amazon “They fit securely and snuggly and are comfortable to wear. A good buy for the price”. “I bought these for my son who loves them, they were very easy to use, and well packed & arrived earlier than expected”, “I have used this headset with an iPhone 6, and a Motorola G, both work amazingly well with the headset”.

Buy the Destek from Amazon – £39

4 star rating




freefly vr headsetFreefly have certainly covered off all the areas when it comes to virtual reality headsets. They’ve made their headset comfortable, practical and easy to use. Each Freefly Vr comes with easy-to-adjust straps, bluetooth wireless controller including joystick, hard carry case and cleaning cloth. Freefly VR is also one of only a few that don’t have issues with light leakage. There are however a couple of downsides to Freefly and they are the fact that lenses cannot be calibrated or adjusted (so if you wear glasses its not for you) and it can experience fogging from time to time.

Following are quotes on Amazon for verified purchases “Great quality materials, comfortable, easily adjusts to fit any phone, controller and case also add value”. “Good quality headset, all you need is a bit of Rainx to help prevent, the lenses steaming up”.

Buy Freefly from Amazon – £49

4 star rating




pasonomi headsetAlthough Pasonomi® are fairly new to the virtual headset scene they’ve created some good-looking gear. The headset can be used with Google Cardboard and compatible with smartphones from 4-6 inches in length including the iPhone. The Pasonomi uses ABS and spherical resin lenses to help prevent you feeling dizzy. To help with comfort there is a T-shaped adjustable strap so it isn’t too tight around the eye area. In addition the headset offers adjustable pupil and sight distance giving you a viewing angle between 70 – 80 degrees.

Here’s a couple of quotes from Amazon “The handset is quite good and sturdy for the price”, “As you are able to adjust the angle of the phone and also the horizontal position this should cater for most people.”

Buy the Pasonomi from Amazon – £24

3 star rating




defairy headsetThe Defairy Company are another strong contender in the manufacture of headsets. They make quite a few different versions but we’ll look at their professional model. As expected its fully compliant with the latest smart phones and looks like a stylish gadget. Unlike some other models the Defairy is one of the lightest which means you can wear it for longer and still remain comfortable. The lenses can be adjusted both in the pupil and focal ranges. Like the Desktek it also comes with a blue tooth remote controller giving you quick and easy access to apps.

Here are some quotes from Amazon customers: “This headset is made to a very good quality, it is well padded and gives good support”, “I like the way you can insert the phone just by magnetically opening up the front of the VR headset, this is much easier than having to strap the phone into position like you need to with some headsets”.

Buy the Defairy from Amazon – £29

3 star




3activevrYou may not have come across the 3ACTIVE® company before but they do make particularly good virtual reality headsets. Compatible with both iOS and Android and iOS smartphones the 3ACTIVE headset fits phones from 3.5 – 6.0″.

Along with the modern looking style they also include a smart protective storage case. Overall the headset fits comfortably with only a small amount of light leaking in. The main downside with this particular headset is its incompatibility with any sort of controller.

Buy the 3ACTIVE from Amazon – £59

3 star rating



As you can see there are multiple headsets to choose from and the list available in Amazon will keep on growing. We will continue to bring you all the latest reviews and news on virtual realit.  All prices accurate as of 18th January.