TRANSPORT – a VR repository

wevr_logoWe thought it was only a matter of time before some clever so-and-so came up with the idea of creating a repository for VR film content. Well the clever guys are Wevr, who have received over $25m in investment (from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Digital Garage and more) to create a content distribution platform dedicated to virtual reality. This project has been named – TRANSPORT.

Wevr community

Wevr is probably best known as a VR community where people interested in this type of tech can come and interact. They also got a lot of PR from this years Sundance Film festival where four Wevr experiences were selected; the overall view was that virtual reality was the stand-out feature there. Transport aims to become the ‘go to’ destination for all VR content, hosting both paid and free films. Wevr are hoping it will be the place where up and coming as well as veteran directors can come and showcase their work to a captive audience. It won’t matter which headset/ tech you access Transport as it will be accessible from the relevant store ie Google Play or VR store.

CEO of Wevr, Spiteri said that “Transport is purpose-built to extend and embrace VR creative’s aspirations with software solutions, enabling them to create, produce, distribute, and grow audiences on all headsets worldwide”. The team here at TheRealitySandwich are for one very excited by this project which will make VR just that little bit more accessible to the masses.

4 star rating

Keep an eye on the Wevr site for more VR updates. If you’re into virtual reality film content then read out review on Jaunt.