Trials on Tatooine – Star Wars VR

trials on tatooineVirtual Reality was literally created for Star Wars … well not literally but immersing yourself into a galaxy far, far away is about as good as it gets. Thankfully for all owners of the HTC Vive you’ve now got the chance to take part in a Star Wars adventure.

TRAILS ON TATOOINE has just been released on STEAM and finds you located on the desert, arrid landscapes on the planet Tatooine (which you may remember was Luke SkyWalker’s home planet). Although short its full of action.

Virtual reality Star Wars

Immediately after starting the game you see the legendary Millennium Falcon hover above you and land in a cloud of dust. Its your duty to repair the old tin bucket and keep the incoming storm troopers away from R2D2. Thankfully you have a light sabre to hand so can deflect the incoming blaster shots.

millenium falcom vr

Just take a look at the graphics and game play in the video below! It looks fantastic, plays smoothly and is receiving extremely high praise from the members of STEAM. Ok its short but it shows what the future could hold for virtual reality gamers. The futures good, the futures Jedi!.

Simply put if you’re a Star Wars fan this is a must-try. If Lucasfilm’s company ILMxLAB can continue to make playable VR content likes trails on Tatooine then we’re in for some fun times indeed!

Recommended set up: OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer, Processor: Intel i7-4790K, Memory: 16 GB RAM, Graphics: NVIDIA GTX TITAN X

Download it now for free from STEAM

five star rating