Two horror VR games reviewed

The horror VR genre has been a particularly popular area for developers (along with space battles). Reason being we all like to have full control of our surrounding and are not fond of things that suddenly come out of the darkness and scare us silly. This in essence is what most of these virtual reality horror games do. Ok lets face reality the free ones you get on App store or Google Play aren’t exactly award winning but they are fun and to be honest what do you expect from a freebie?? Below are two current VR games we’ve reviewed: VR Horror in the Forest and VR Horror Ruins adventure.

VR Horror in the Forest

horror forest vrBlair Witch, Evil Dead, Red Riding Hood – all creepy stories (well maybe not the last one) that revolve around forests. Why are forests so creepy? Well basically it feels like a giant maze where you can be watched or hunted and you wouldn’t even know it. This is exactly why VR Horror in the Forest by Roman Pusnik keeps you at the edge of your seats. In VR Forest Horror you walk around eerie landscapes such as woods and abandoned villages in the hope of seeing a ghost … and yes they are there. Its more of a ‘lets keep noise levels low and then suddenly throw in a very loud and scary ghost into the mix’ kinda game. If you’ve got a dicky heart this should be avoided otherwise its a decent enough game to scare your mates.

3 star



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VR Horror Ruins adventure

horror ruins vr
Horror ruins feels like an outdoor version of the classic 90’s game DOOM.  In Horror Ruins VR you basically stroll around a ruinous landscape and stumble across various unsavoury beasts. Its more interactive then Horror in the forest but certainly less scary, in fact some of the creatures look like they would make good pets (the chest invading zombie is probably the exception). Again this is probably one to showcase the power of VR to your friends but you won’t be playing this endless number of times.

3 star



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