Ultimate Booster – review

ultimate booster vrAs you may have seen there’s a trend growing where existing theme parks across the world are using virtual reality headsets on their roller coaster rides – so you experience all the stomach churning movement in a separate world. However what if you can’t make it to these theme parks and are stuck at home? Well help is at hand thanks to the latest and rather frightening VR roller coaster ride – Ultimate Booster.

VR roller coaster

Ultimate Booster starts with you swinging lazily in a futuristic metropolis. Suddenly though the distance between ride and floor increases until a few moments later you are almost 600 ft in the air performing all sorts of tricks! If you suffer from vertigo you’ll want to avoid Ultimate Booster. Along with the realistic, stomach churning graphics you get a thumpingly good soundtrack from Totemlost (Loca Recordings). Not much else to say really, just enjoy the ride … and hold on!

ultimate rollercoasterUltimate Booster has been developed by GexagonVR and can be downloaded from the Rift Arcade. The minimum requirements are Oculus Rift DK2, Intel Core i5 and Nvidia GTX770 2Gb.

Download Ultimate Booster.

3 star