Vector 36 VR – review

vector 36Description
Have you ever fancied racing around Mars in a Mad Max-esque looking racing ship? If you have then Vector 36 is for you. Red River Studios have created Vector 36 where you must use all your skill and technique to pilot the ship around the rugged terrain.

Your racer is fully customizable – you can literally tweak every nut and bolt to get true performance … but beware as moving various components has dramatic effects on steering, centre of gravity etc. There are multiple game modes to choose from including a Sprint and Tourament mode, there’s even a Global Leaderboard to try and beat.  

Graphics are pretty impressive, check the game trailer and Mars’ landscape and the detailed racers are conveyed nicely. The sound effects are also well positioned for this game. Vector 36’s main drawback though is its punishing difficulty. Its steep learning curve will definitely frustrate players as there’s simply no room for error, an inch out and you’ve collided with a Martian boulder. Overall if you enjoy precision racing then this is a decent game for the Rift or Vive.

Game categories

VR compatible 
HTC Vive / Oculus Rift

Minimum requirements 
OS: Windows XP SP2+ | Processor: i5 or equivelent | Memory: 4 GB RAM | Graphics: 1 GB Direct X 9

TheRealitySandwich rating

3 star



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