Virtual reality strip club – VRClubz

vrclubzWe all know that pornography is becoming one of the biggest spenders in the VR sector (200% yoy growth in traffic) so its not a huge surprise that developers have decided to cash in on the lucrative strip club scene. We don’t envisage Peter Stringfellow or Hugh Hefner worrying too much but it does look like this is the way an increasingly involved adult industry are turning.

The strip club project named VRClubz has been set up by VixenVR and is set to launch around the same time as the Oculus Rift, circa April 2016.  So what do you expect to see when you put on your headset? Well VRClubz isn’t just about swanning around, admiring the views (which of course you can do) it’s more about ‘gamifying‘ the experience so you can level up your character from a lonesome prowler to a VIP with limousine and entourage.

vrclubzAlthough the app itself will be free to play there will be virtual currency that can be used for all sorts of activities such as lap dances; thankfully there will also be ATMs where you can withdraw if things are hotting up. The club will be as life like as possible and feature various areas from VIP lounges and dancing poles to a bar and a champagne lap dance room.

Virtual reality strip club

Jimmy Hess, co-founder of VixenVR, is in talks with famous strip clubs from around the world in order to have different licensed content. Who needs to shlep all the way to an Amsterdam strip club for a stag party when you can just don headsets and watch the action happen?? Ok that might sound a bit weird now but in 5 to 10 years time who knows. The Oculus system is currently the only system where a user will be able to play with VRClubz however that may change as more headset technologies recognise the potential from buyers.

VixenVR aren’t exactly new to this area having launched VixenVR Apartment last year. In this app you are immersed into a 360-video of a one bed apartment in which you’re able to walk around and interact in.

4 star rating