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Recently launched for the HTC Vive ‘Virtual Sports‘ is a great new VR sports game that will certainly bring out your most competitive streak. You’ll probably asking us why we’re bothering to review Virtual Sports given there are a ton of similar titles out there on STEAM. Well the long and short of it is that developers Vive Studios have really focused on getting the physics of these two sports as accurate and realistic as possible – and boy does this make a difference to the game play. Once you start playing this game you’ll soon realize the thought they’ve put into the game mechanics. The synchronization with the Vive’s controllers and the angle/ power you can put on the balls is very impressive; you can even change the balls response if you’re a newbie to either sport.

Along with playing against various bots (whose AI are is spot-on) you can also compete against many other players in a variety of leagues and game modes. There’s even a career mode for you to become the next Any Murray! The graphics are pretty decent and there is a decent variety of backdrops and environments where the tennis courts and ping pong tables are located. 

Although slightly misleading in its title (there aren’t a huge variety in sports you can play) Virtual Sports is a very good VR sports simulator for 2017 and must have virtual reality game for all fans of racket sports. 

Game categories
Sports simulator

VR compatible 
HTC Vive 

Minimum requirements 
OS: Windows 7  | Processor: Intel i5-4590, AMD FX 8350 | Memory: 4 GB RAM | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

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4 stars



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Very positive

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