VR Bike – review

vr bikeLets face it – if there are two things about motorbikes A) they are fun and B) they are dangerous. Whizzing around at top speeds with no seat belt, air bag and only a helmet to protect your noggin it takes some balls to really push yourself on a bike.

Thankfully Com2Geek have decided to create a fast and frantic mobile VR game that takes out the danger (but not the fun) from this activity. Let us introduce VR Bike.

Developed for the mobile virtual reality game, VR Bike lets you play recklessly and riskily as you weave, slalom like, through Paris. Using lightning reflexes and a fast hand you must use the steering wheel (your smart phones gyroscope) to make quick on the spot decisions and avoid crashes.

Virtual reality bike racer

The catch with VR Bike compared ot other racing game is that the speed has jammed so you’ve got no control on acceleration/ braking only the steering. This makes VR bike an even more challenging game.

The main objective of the game is to complete the distance set out in each level. Failure to complete the mileage results in a big fat game over. Advancing through the levels you’ll discover one thing – that the bikes get faster … and so must your reflexes. Basic level have you riding the bike at a decent 90 kph but this ramps up to a nauseating 320 kph!

vr bike mobile

Overall the graphics on VR Bike are pretty decent for a mobile vr game and although not massively realistic after some time you do feel like you are on a powerful motorbike whizzing through traffic.

Download VR Bike now from Google Play

3 star