VR Deep space exploration – review

deep space vrVR Deep Space Exploration is currently one of the highest rated virtual apps on Google Play. Why is this you ask? Well the designers Romale Game Studio have spent time and energy to create a visually stunning journey through space. Once you’ve put on your headset and loaded up the game get ready for a ride around space like you’ve never experienced before.

VR space exploration

There are loads of features that can be seen from asteroids shooting through space, mystifying purple nebula and various planets. It does achieve a feeling of weightlessness in space, as if you’ve left your shuttle for a walk through the galaxies. All in all it will keep you engrossed for a good few minutes. Check out this genuine review of VR Deep Space Exploration on Google Play “Most amazing VR experience ever .. I was instantly immersed in space”.

Currently VR Deep Space Exploration is available for free from both Apple Pay and Google Play.

4 star rating



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