VR ‘IT’ Movie Trailer

vr it movie It may not be Halloween yet for a few more months but to celebrate the launch of the terrifying horror movie IT (Sept 7th) a cinematic VR preview has been created called ‘FLOAT’.

For those who did not see the original film in the 90’s IT (originally based on a Stephen King novel) is the tale about Pennywise, a superbly disturbing and eerie clown who victimizes a group of kids in a town in the States.

As we mentioned many times before horror is the perfect medium for virtual reality as you are immersed into the action and your nerves are put on edge. Check out some of the best VR horror games we reviewed. In this 360 trailer you’ll get a glimpse of the fear you can expect from the film as you take a trip through the towns sewers.

Watch the trailer below on Youtube … but not at night!!