VR Karts: Sprint

vr kartzWe’ve asked round the team and the three top games of all time are: Halo, Age of Mythology and Mario Kart. If like us you enjoyed the Kart then you’ll also like the latest high end racing game VR Karts: Sprint.

Originally designed as a launch for the Samsung Gear Viewpoint Games’ VR Sprint puts you in the seat of a go-karter. The end game is fairly obvious … finish first. The execution however is a little trickier as you’ll be tearing around bends trying to take out your opponents with the various power ups available.

Of course you’ll see similarities with Nintendo’s Mario Kart offering (power slides, speed boosts to name two) however VR Karts does have unique points too. Why not lay down some spike traps to burst the competition tyres, use lightning to reverse steering or launch a beehive at the opponent! Its main USP is the fact you have a 360 perspective of your surroundings and you’ll also have access to vital info in the cockpit such as weapons chosen, position etc.

Crazy VR Karting

vr kart racingThankfully there are both multi player, 4 player head-to-head battles, as well as single-player game modes. The perspective is taken from inside the kart itself, weapons are used by focusing the head mount and you can check out your wing mirrors to see who is coming up behind you.

Overall the AI, graphics and sound are pretty impressive. In fact the kart handling is also pretty good, especially the automatic drift. On the downside VR Karts does suffer from a slightly disappointing selection of levels and the frame rate can drop which at times can impact the quality of the game. We’re sure the developers will be adding a selection of new levels over the next few months.

A highly recommended game for all petrol heads.

Download VR Karts: Sprint from the developers site or from STEAM

4 stars