VR lap dance with Victoria Chase

So you’ve got yourself a bit of cash and need some cheering up. You going to go on a bender? Get yourself a nice meal? Screw that you’re going to have a private lap dance.

lap dance vrIn the latest VR porn movie by Hologirls you’ve invited the supremely sexy blonde Victoria Chase to give you a private lap dance in the luxury of your home.

Virtual lap dancer

Victoria arrives dressed in a tight red dress and sexy black pantyhose. She saunters over to you slowly and begins to give you a strip tease. She pulls down her top revealing those pert tits of hers and rips open her stockings to reveal her shaven pussy.

This sexy young chick is certainly experienced in turning men on as she sits and you and starts to grind up and down on your cock. After a couple of minutes your dick is literally bursting against the constraints of the trouser.

Thankfully this isn’t one of those ‘no touching’ dances. In fact Ms Chase positively encourages it, wanting you to touch her pussy and rub her clit. We think all lap dancers should take a page out of Vicotria’s book as this is the way to give a lap dance.

Super steamy and sexy VR action from the legends that are Hologirls, it really does feel as though she’s sitting right on your cock!

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3 star