VRNISH – find a local VR experience

vrnishOver the last couple of years virtual reality has become a lot more mass market thanks to increasing levels of investment and positive PR. There are now millions of headsets owned by people around the world from the humble Google Cardboard through to the pricey Oculus Rift. However the vast majority of people who try out VR tend to use their smartphone … and here lies the problem as the quality of this VR experience tends to be mediocre at best (although there are some rare gems).

So it was no surprise that some smart bods created a new virtual resource where members of the public can experience cutting edge, high performance VR gaming and not have to fork out loads of cash. What is this great new resource we hear you cry  – VRNISH.

VR gaming near you

VRNish is a free resource that lets you find all the local VR locations and stores around the world. Currently there are around 350 different locations listed across Europe, America, African and Asia. All you have to do is use their intuitive map, set your location and browse through the applicable options. We tested it for the UK and found over 15 different locations. Each location is given a rating with its info on what’s available as well as contact details. 

So if you’ve always wanted to test drive the most up-to-date virtual reality tech or simply want to experiment with the best VR gaming can offer then this is the way to do it. Although its early days for VRNish we believe that once this sector becomes more mainstream this will be the go-to destination for all virtual reality related activities on the high street.  Check out more of the latest VR news