VROOM: Galleon – review

vroom galleonEver wanted to walk around and explore a classic pirate ship? You know the ones from the likes of Goonies and Pirates of the Caribbean. Well now you can courtesy of a new virtual reality adventure – VROOM: Galleon.

So what’s it all about then? Well when you load up the game you find yourself on an old pirate ship in the middle of a deep blue sea and then it’s time to interact. There are a huge amount of areas to explore and play with. Do you go straight for the booming cannon and let off a few rounds or do you climb the stomach churning crow’s nest to get a better view of your surroundings. How about a look through the pirate captain’s cabin or feed a killer whale! Every time you board the ship you seem to find a new experience.

The graphics are great and there’s been a lot of attention given to the level of detail and texture. The overall scale of this game is particularly impressive and after a while it does feel like you are exploring an actual ship. In fact you can actually jump search, swim to the nearest islandgalleon vr and explore that too. VROOM doesn’t end there as you can also achieve the perspective of a seagull that’s circling the ship, although this view can be slightly nauseating.

Virtual reality pirate ship

It’s recommended you use the Xbox controller to navigate the game (‘A’ allows you to jump, ‘B’ used to interact with surroundings). This game has been created for the Oculus Rift but does require a very high spec PC to achieve minimal lag. Currently VROOM: Galleon is available from the Rift Arcade site. A great virtual reality pirate ship game.

4 stars