vstroker Here at TheRealitySandwich we’ve covered off numerous reviews of XXX VR films but they’ve always relied on the fact you’ll be getting extra familiar with your palm. Now however there’s a great new way of interacting with virtual reality porn and that’s through the Vstroker. The Vstroker claims its the world’s most ‘advanced virtual sex system’ and we find it hard to argue with this statement.

Vstroker – how it works

So what’s all the fuss about? Why spend money on a gadget when you’ve got your hand for free? Well the Vstroker is a clever and realistic gadget that monitors your strokes when you’re using a Fleshlight. For those unaware, Fleshlight’s are the leading men’s sex toy with over 4m sold, that replicates the sensation of screwing a woman or receiving a blow job. Highly realistic and highly satisfying. The Vstroker takes this to the next dimension by transmitting your activity of the Fleshlight to a PC/Mac so you can literally interact with your favourite porn stars and control the activity.

Buy Vstroker

vstroker vr filmThe VStroker guys have produced a number of videos featuring some of pornography’s top stars. You can choose from downloading one off videos to get a feel for this technology or for more cost-efficient fun get unlimited access to their video library. The good news is that every Vstroker purchase includes two free videos as well as a free two week subscription to the members area!

It really is simple to get started. Firstly (and most importantly) you need a Fleshlight. We recommend PABO.COM who have one of the largest selection of Fleshlights and male masturbators on the market. Once you’ve got the Fleshlight model you need to replace the end-cap vstroker xxx vidwith the Vstroker cap, plug the receiver into the USB port, load up the Vstroker vids and away you go.

Vstroker world

If you like a more interactive, gaming  experience then check out Vstroker’s brand new Virtual SexVilla. This has been developed exclusively for the Vstroker and it enables you to create and live out a sexual fantasy. You get to choose your character and location, share experiences and find your perfect partner. with people online and e developed entirely for the Vstroker. Choose the location and scenario, customize your character and get ready for the sexual fantasy you’ve created.

You can various different packages from the VSTROKER site:

buy vstrokerBasic package includes the Vstroker | 3 x Vstroker Videos | 5 x Stamina Training Videos and a 2 week pass to the member’s area

More advanced packages include – Vstroker | Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight | Stamina Training Video | 3 x Vstroker Videos | 5 x Stamina Training Videos | 14 day members pass and 3D glasses.

Vstroker is changing the world of virtual reality masturbation. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary and pleasurable experience.

five star rating