Wingsuit VR – review

wingsuit VR appIts been a while since we last reviewed a skydive-esque app and so we’re happy to find that Deus Craft have released a new one called Wingsuit VR. Its not rocket science, jump out a balloon and start soaring across forests, lakes and canyons. The immersive feeling you get from virtual reality is quite impressive as you do feel like you’re freefalling to Earth.

The wing suit control is through the gyroscope on your phone. Moving up and down changes altitude and moving horizontally changes direction. There is also a competitive element behind Wingsuit VR as you have to earn as many points as possible by landing properly, distance flown and bonuses collected. The graphics are well rendered and the texture and detailing are pretty realistic which adds to the experience.

Overall the Wingsuit VR is a bit of VR gaming fun. We don’t think it will be a regular play but worth a download especially if you’ve wanted to experience the feeling of flight in a suit!

3 star rating

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