World VR Competition

To coincide with the 2016 Olympics the developers over at MT Worlds have launched their latest virtual reality game – WORLD VR COMPETITION.

Just like the Olympics there are bunch of gaming events you can get involved in to beat the competition and achieve gold.

Virtual reality multi-game

world vrThere are seven fun games to choose from, each of which tests various skills and reaction times. There’s archery, clay pigeon shooting, sniping, a boxing type game and a random one that seems to transport you to the Star Wars world. The developers have tried to keep all features customizable and configurable to give a level of personalisation.

You are able to play World VR Competition in single mode or locally with friends and we understand there will also be a online feature coming soon.

As you can see from the images there are virtual reality games that visually are much more impressive. However, World VR Competition shouldn’t be taken too seriously and is a bit of competitive fun with friends.

Download a early access of the game from STEAM.

System Requirements: OS: Windows 10 / Processor: Intel i5-4590 / Memory: 8 GB RAM / Graphics: GTX 970 or R9 390

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