X-Wing VR Mission – a review

xwing vrWhen we first watched Star Wars in the seventies as young kids we could only imagine what it would be like to pilot those extraordinary ships; from the Millennium Falcon to the TIE fighter they all looked ace. However it was the X-Wing with its simple design and agility that was the king of the bunch.

So when we heard that Criterion (EA’s studio behind the game) had just launched Battlefront Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission we just had to see if they’ve created a thing of beauty or let us all down. However before we go any further its worth mentioning that A) this is  only available for the PS VR players and B) X-Wing VR is free to players who currently own Battlefront on the PS4 (a savvy move indeed).

Command an X-Wing

Just to give you a heads up on the story line you take the perspective of an X-Wing pilot sitting within the ships cockpit. As expected the cockpit is highly detailed and has been meticulously recreated (in fact there’s even a switch that brings up the targeting system last seen when Luke was in the trenches) so there should be minimal complaints from the SW fanatics.

As a X-Wing rookie and due to the fact the game is only 15 mins long in duration the mission you face isn’t overly complicated. You’ll need to navigate your way through an asteroid field and help out in a dog-fight but lets face it flying around the galaxy in your own X-Wing is fun enough.

Controlling the X-Wing is through head movement (point and click) as opposed to using the PS4’s motion controllers. If you look down you’ll notice that your hands are actually permanently clamped onto the flight stick so actually creates a greater sense of realism.

xwing vr

Thanks to EA’s Frostbite engine they have been able to create simply the most sublime and highly detailed graphics on any VR game we’ve seen in quite some time (check out the game trailer below). In addition the sounds, particularly the commentary from the command centre, are spot-on helping to bring together all the elements for a fun VR experience.

Hopefully this is just the start of things to come and we’ll see an increase in full paid-for virtual reality Star Wars games in the future.

A highly recommended play … good work EA.

4 stars