Your fuck toy – Hologirls

fuck toy vrIf you’ve ever longed for a real-life sex toy but can’t wait 2 more decades for one of those creepy Japanese sex robots then YOUR FUCK TOY by Hologirls needs to be watched.

The lady in question is none other than the sexy brunette – Jaclyn Taylor. She’s done nothing all day other than swan around the house playing with herself. Well you’ve come back from work and Jaclyn wants to use you for her sexual pleasure.

VR sex fun

She sits on the bed and begins to undress, starting with showing off those great breasts of hers and then moving slowly to reveal a smooth pussy.

sex toy

In order to masturbate her and get her to cum she knows you’ll need an assortment of toys. Firstly however she wants you to finger her pussy and rub her clit to turn her on and get those juices flowing. Then when she’s super hot and horny she brings out the plastic beads which you obligingly insert into her.

All Jaclyn can do is lay there and moan and groan in sexual pleasure until all your antics result in an impressive orgasm.

This is a great movie for those who turn women on and get them off. Filmed with a 220 degree virtual reality perspective this is one hot VR porn film.

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3 star