8i – Make VR Human

8i are one of the leaders in creating truly and immersive virtual reality experiences featuring real humans. If you’re young enough to remember, cast your mind back to the legendary kids show ‘Knightmare’ where someone donned a helmeted blindfold and was instructed to walk around a fantasy world interacting with all sorts of characters. Well now you can take the place of the helmeted kid but this time using your VR headset you can view your surroundings and also become part of the story.

vr 8iIn 8i’s Make VR Human once you’ve put on your headset and downloaded their Volumetric VR player you’re all set. There is already a substantial list of over 40 different characters in various scenarios from a boxer throwing punches and a swimsuit model showing us her assets through to a man playing a guitar and even a cheeky monkey.

Real humans in virtual reality

8i’s list of characters is constantly growing but how do they achieve this you ask? Well they use multiple cameras to take high definition video and turn this into volumetric recordings of humans/ animals. Perhaps in the future there will be an option for them to film you which you can keep for future generations.

Their volumetric VR experiences really do give you a sense of freedom and scale and certainly worth checking out if you want to try something different with your headset. Currently Make VR Human is available for both Oculus Rift and Vive with a mobile option coming out shortly. If you don’t have a headset A) we recommend you buy one and B) you can still interact with 8i’s videos on their site.

Download Make VR Human from STEAM

4 stars