Accounting – VR cartoon violence

accounting vrErm – what! This has got to be one the strangest games we’ve come across for some time.

If you’ve ever played Job Simulator and wanted an element of chaos and mischievousness thrown into it then Accounting is for you.

Mayhem at work

Developed by Crows Crows Crows and Squanchtendo ‘Accounting’ basically enables you to rip up the rule book as to what you should do at work and instead gives you carte-blanche to do the absolute opposite. Lets face it who (at times) hasn’t wanted to abuse the boss, throw the computer at a wall or tell a colleague to go f*ck himself!

accounting vr

You start off the game in the office of a Derick Smith but before too long you’ve put on a VR headset in virtual reality and it all goes rather psychedelic. We won’t be writing any spoilers here but its certainly different and one of the funniest VR games we’ve come across.

Graphics are decent and the voice acting is spot on. Unlike many other Vive games Accounting also makes good use of room space.

Download it now for free from STEAM

4 stars