ARAYA – VR horror

arayaWe do love a good VR horror game, virtual reality simply amplifies the fear when you’re immersed into a creepy game. Well thankfully the developers of ARAYA, a new first person horror game have managed to conjure up a great amount of scares.

What makes this game different to the other numerous horror games out there is this one is set in a very creepy and seemingly deserted Thai hospital – random but effective.

Virtual reality scares

araya vr Along with giving you scares galore ARAYA will also tax the brain as there are a large number of mysteries and puzzles that need to be solved. As mentioned action takes place in an eerie hospital however the story is told from three different perspectives and eventually you’ll work out who was the killer of poor old Araya.

Reminiscent of The Ring with its sinister plot the game builds up an atmosphere where every sound you hear will make you flinch. Just watch the game trailer below and tell us you weren’t just a little afraid.

Graphics are impressive and the game mechanics are spot on. The fact they also add a puzzle element to the game means it has longevity over its competitors.

ARAYA is certainly a game for anyone brave enough to sleep with the lights off after playing it.

System requirements: HTC Vive/ OS: Windows 7 / Processor: 3.20 Dual Core Processor / Memory: 2 GB RAM

Download ARAYA now from STEAM.

4 stars



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