Armed against the undead

undead vrIf you’re into zombie shooters such as HordeZ then Armed against the undead should be a title in your collection. Developed by Unity3D this game pits you against incoming waves of disgusting zombies and its your job to survive until you run out of bullets … or have your brain eaten!

Unlike other VR horror shooters you are armed with a large selection of weaponry from the standard machine gun and shotgun through to zombie decimating sniper, flamers and chainsaws. Another unique option in this game is the ability to choose your path which certainly helps to extend game play.

Zombie horror VR

As you can see the graphics are pretty decent as well as the eerie soundtrack that accompanies the game. There’s also a good variety in zombie ‘types’ from your cannon fodder through to an absolute brute of a zombie.

armed against undeadAvailable only for the HTC VIVE (as it uses the motion controllers) you can play an early access version of Armed against the undead from STEAM.

System Requirements – OS: Windows 7 / Processor: Intel i5 / Memory: 8 GB RAM / Graphics: nVidia 970

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3 star