Augmented Reality tattoos

ink hunterTattoos have become extremely mainstream over the last decade and its hard not to see an inked arm or leg on the high-street. The high-street has also become a destination for tattoo shops, literally popping up all over the place, some reputable … others rather seedy. In fact getting ‘ink done’ has become so popular that the TV series Tattoo Fixers has become a massive hit. 

Of course its still a big decision to get a tattoo and thankfully the latest augmented reality tech has made the decision a lot easier. InkHunter is a great new app for Ios or Android that lets you see what a tattoo would look like on your own body. You can choose from either their large collection of designs or upload your own design. Once you have a design you can customize it and tweak it so it has the look and feel of the one you really want. 

Simply load up the app, place the smartphones camera over the area of your body you want the tattoo and watch as the AR tech brings it to life. You can also share your tattoo ideas with your friends and get some honest feedback.

InkHunter’s mantra ‘Think before you ink‘ is solid advice and this is a great app to prevent any future regrets!

Download the app for free from either the App Store or Android.

4 stars