Batman: Arkham PS VR

batman arkham vrBatman has literally had 100s of iterations developed and released across multiple formats but Batman Arkham VR is special. Special how? Well as a player you are now truly and realistically immersed into this atmospheric and menacing city. You don’t play as Batman you ARE Batman!

Developed by Rocksteady Studios as a launch game for the PlayStation VR this great game is certainly a fantastic title for you to commence your journey in the world of VR gaming.

So what’s it like playing Batman: Arkham VR? Well the developers have certainly got the moodiness and anger of the character spot on. As soon as you’re suited up and donned the cowl (mask) hearing his gruff voice and watching your movements will make believe you have suddenly been transformed into the legend.

Play as Batman

When it comes to game play Rocksteady have created a decent mix of both fast paced action as well as challenging puzzles you’ll need to solve. The main premise is that you have to search various locations to find your missing Bat pals.

batman arkham vrThere are a great range of environments and landscapes you can immerse yourself in. From the Batcave to the sinister streets of Gotham the developers have made great strides to achieve scale and keep them realistic and detailed.

Although visually impressive with great audio the fact that you never get to actually throw a punch is disappointing. There’s a lot of controlled storytelling in this game ie. it looks like you’re about to have a rumble only for the screen to blacken and when it refocuses they’re out for the count. For those who saw it Batman took on Superman earlier this year and we goou saw him get a lot of punches in – great fun. So its rather goading that you can’t execute some of your own violence onto your enemies.

That said the environments are pretty interactive and you can get to interact with an abundance of objects helping you to immerse yourself into this world. You can also perform smaller more subtle movements such as peer behind furniture however movement in general relies on teleportation but when you do get to use the grappling hook its great fun..

That said Batman Arkham is a very decent VR game that’s certainly worth a play; considering its Rocksteady’s first VR game they’ve done a great job. It isn’t our favourite PS VR game thus far but for any Batman fans out there they can finally live the dream.

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4 stars