Blasters of the Universe – review

blasters of the universeBored of the same old VR shooter games being bandied around? Looking for something a bit different? If you are then Blasters of the universe by The Secret Location should be on your hit list.

With futuristic graphics and quirky and original game play this is certainly one of the most unique virtual reality games we’ve come across in quite some time. So what’s it all about we hear you ask? Well the goal really is to try and beat you previous score by taking down as many enemies as possible before you get taken out yourself!

Customised weapons

Blah blah we’ve heard all this before – yeah well Blasters of the Universe is certainly one of the first games to enable you to build and create your own weapons … and the weaponry customisation is legendary. The amount of combinations you can choose from certainly increases the lifespan of Blaster of the universe. In this 80s looking retro shooter its not one way traffic. You have to constantly dodge, weave and duck from the enemies projectiles. Thankfully there is a shield but you still need to keep nubile enough to outmanoeuvre their bullets.
blasters of the universe
Overall the graphics are fun and frantic and reminiscent of the old Tron style films with bright blue neon everywhere. The soundtrack is thumping and works perfect with the game play. It might be a bit tough but at least it will keep you challenged.

If you have an HTC VIVE you can get early access to Blasters of the Universe from STEAM

Minimum system requirements: OS: Windows 7 SP1, Processor: Intel i5-4590, Memory: 8 GB RAM, Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970

4 stars