Chastity VR – Hologirls

mistress t vrWhat’s a bit of chastity between friends? Well if that’s your kind of thing then you’re in for a real treat courtesy of HoloGirls’ latest VR porn flick – The Mistress T Collection: Chastity.

If there’s one thing the sultry and boobalicious Mistress T makes its a good dominatrix. She’s got the moves AND she’s got the banter. You know you’ll end up the submissive in this virtual fetish movie.

Virtual reality bondage

The film starts off with you facing the blue eyed Mistress T. Look at you sitting all cocky over there. Just you wait for Mistress T to get started. Immediately her large tits swim invitingly in front of your eyes as she gets up and flaunts her sexy, lacy black lingerie and tight, brown dominatrix gloves. Its time for some fun she announces as she takes out a chastity toy for your cock and begins the BDSM.

chastity virtual reality

Filmed with a 270 degree perspective expect to feel part of the raunchy kinky action in this erotic and sexy fetish VR film.

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3 star