Control orgasm VR

kink vrKink VR are known for their (unsurprisingly) kinky porn movies. Don’t expect a boring old sex film, no sir, expect kinky fetish VR movies for your ultimate enjoyment.

In ‘Control her orgasms‘ you come across Penny Pax who is lying on her back with her legs strapped in the air … a perfect position for forcing an orgasm on her.

VR forced orgasm

forced orgasm vrAs you can see Penny is one hot redhead with great tits … and she’s certainly not shy of a bit of BDSM.

In this movie you’ll get a real immersive look into all sorts of antics. Watch Penny’s shapely ass feel the force of a good flogging. Finger fuck Penny as she lies there helpless and watch her squirm when you use the classic dick-on-a-stick to build up her orgasm.

Soon though you’re bringing out the black power vibrator and she (and you) know its only a matter of time before she climaxes and has a huge, noisy orgasm.

If you’re into a bit of BDSM and forced orgasms and want to experience it in VR then this movie is for you.

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4 stars