Darkness roller coaster VR – review

darkness rollercoasterWe like virtual reality roller coaster games, we like horror VR games. So what happens when you combine the two – Darkness Rollercoaster is what!

If feels like developers of Darkness Rollercoaster, Creanet3D, had carte blanch when it came to designing what is in essence a very extravagant ghost train ride – and why not! The more scare the better right? Literally anything and everything happens to you on this ghoulish ride.

So we’re not going to spoil the various events that occur during your epic journey on the roller coaster (take a look at the preview clip below) but we can tell you there’s enough variation to keep even the hard-core roller coaster enthusiasts happy.

A ghost train on steroids

Available now for your Android smartphone Darkness Rollercoaster runs for a respectful seven minutes before ending in its chilling conclusion. During the ride you can actually choose your path either the eerie cave adventure or the magical fantasy voyage. Either way you’re going to come across some extraordinary ‘characters’ and by character we mean pretty grim looking beasts!

spider vr

Although the graphics aren’t the most stunning around, the soundtrack and cinematic episodes are enjoyable and make the app one worth viewing.

Download Darkness Rollercoaster now from the Google Play store or check out the developers site.

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3 star